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[Coaching Essentials] Acknowledgement Gives Energy to Organization

[Coaching Essentials]  Acknowledgement Gives Energy to Organization
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Acknowledgement powers up an organization.
John, one of my coaching clients used to be a star individual player yet he struggled after taking up a team of 10 people.
However, in the most recent session,
John sounded bright and clear in his voice from the moment we started our call.

'I learned about acknowledgement through coaching and applied it to my subordinates. Their behavior has become much more proactive. I used to focus only on what my subordinates were not performing and making progress by giving them pressure from my questions. However, when I became more conscious of giving them my acknowledgement and expressing my gratitude, my subordinates became more positive. What is more surprising is my subordinates' team also became more productive and their performance is showing changes!'

As soon as I heard these words from John, it reminded me of the sincere face of my boss who had given me his acknowledgement so that I could feel energy myself earlier in my career. John's sharing of his story was a moment when I realized again the power of acknowledgement.
Who have you acknowledged and empowered lately?

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