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[Coaching Essentials] What Does an Employee Expect a Team

[Coaching Essentials]  What Does an Employee Expect a Team
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Most employees want to be acknowledged for their work. They want to be seen as a professional and presentable individual as well as a comrade of a team.

What else do people expect from the team?
Why do they want to be part of a team?

According to an interview conducted with 70 employees from four different organisations,the result shows the following items which are expected from a team;

A bond among people
Being complementary to each other's missing pieces
A place where one can contribute, as well as be inspired
Power to turn a negative into a positive, where 1 + 1 = 5
A sense of psychological safety, motivation to achieve and a base for adventure
Colleagues who can grow together and help each other
Exchanging feedback
A place where knowledge, experience, and skills can be shared
New perspectives
A sense of belonging
Pride in being part of the team
A sense of common goals

Although each individual has different expectations to his/her team, the results generally indicate that a team is a platform for communication and for learning.
It could provide motivation to sustain action toward goals as well as assistance to others.
A team itself is a place where individuals are acknowledged for their good work.

(Extracted and translated from "Small Teams Change Organizations: Ten Rules for Native Coaches," by Mamoru Itoh)

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