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[Coaching Essentials] What Can Small Initiatives Bring ? - Part 1

[Coaching Essentials]  What Can Small Initiatives Bring ? - Part 1
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In this article, we will focus on "small initiatives" and introduce one of two case studies;

Small initiatives 1:Bringing up the important topic repeatedly

The other day, I asked a 30-year-old system engineer for an IT company about the mission statement and core values of his company, wanting to know how it is related to his actions and leadership. .

His answer was simple. "Mission statement? Oh, this one, isn't it?"
He then turned over the ID card hanging around his neck and pointed to the text on it, " I have not looked at this statement in quite some time."
He did not have the opportunity to look at it after the company-wide training on the mission statement.

The above example should give us a chance to rethink: Companies have a number of important messages, such as mission statements, core values, and competencies. However, how effective are these messages?

We tend to believe that once the message has been conveyed, it has been transmitted, but that is not always true. Repeating the message, and talking about it more than once, will really get the message through.

Even once the message has been transmitted, we cannot feel relieved yet, because we will forget it. Given that tendency, we need to keep talking about the important messages over and over again.

(Extracted and translated from "Small Teams Change Organizations: Ten Rules for Native Coaches," by Mamoru Itoh)

To be continued to Part 2 >>

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